Hello, World.

Knut Graf with UAV. Photo credit: Honoria Starbuck

My name is Knut Graf, and I am a German software designer in Austin, Texas. I’m also a drone flyer and -builder.

With Graf Systems, I am building software to help land stewards use Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) imagery in their daily workflow. UAVs (also known as “Drones”) are about to make aerial imagery much cheaper and more convenient, and software is needed to fulfill this promise.

Land Stewards – farmer, ranchers, and others – need to see their fields and ranches to make the right decisions for their land. Today, seeing your land is hard and takes time, driving around in a truck or tractor. Images from UAVs can give land stewards eyes on their land in a simple, affordable, and quick way. This allows better, quicker, and more targeted decisions about interventions like fertilizer, pesticides and irrigation.

More can be done with less. That is the way forward.


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Thank you for your interest !

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