Image Examples From Different Altitudes

“An image from 150ft” is not something we have a good intuitive understanding for. Here are some samples from different altitudes. From lower altitudes, details like roof shingles are clearly visible, and from higher altitudes more grand is covered per image.

These are nadir images, meaning the camera is pointing straight down at the ground. Images like this are used as source material to create orthophotos, point clouds and 3D models. Sometimes oblique images (taken at an angle) are used too.

Images from 60ft, 80ft, 120ft and 150ft. Click to enlarge.

These images are from a GoPro camera with fish eye correction applied, with a focal length equivalent of approximately 17mm.

For drone mapping, the image capture altitude is a matter of trade-offs. An orthofoto and a textured mesh look best with lots of detail, captured at low altitudes. The best uniformity of the orthophoto and the point cloud is achieved with photos from higher altitudes.

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